Apr 8, 2008

Children's Poetry, Poetry Ireland, and More

Back from another foray into the lands of Google I've got four, well three and a half actually, new places worth a visit.

A Child's Voice is a poetry site for children, adults, and teachers.  It was founded in 1997 by Bill Buczinsky and contains resources, lesson plans, and poetry with an emphasis on making poetry fun.  There are five audio poems by Buczinsky on the site that are sure to tickle the funny bone.

Poetry Ireland is, as the name suggests, a poetry organization for Ireland.  Don't let that stop you from visiting though.  There are lots of interesting links to browse and a guest blog that features some good articles.

Magma Poetry Online is the online companion to the magazine Magma.  They have a selection of each issue's poetry available. The Mark McGuinness Poetry blog is also well worth a read.  This sometimes editor of Magma shares his enthusiasm, experiences, and an occasional poem.

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