Apr 6, 2008

John Mark Eberhart

I was tickling Google with "Poetry Blog" hopping to turn up some interesting poem, blog, or poet you might like when it occurred to me, anyone can nab the top three hits off a Google search.  If I wanted to offer something worth your while I was going to have to dig deeper.

So I skipped the first 600 results, and started to browse again.  After few dozen bad poems and some Indian blogs I couldn't read I hit pay dirt, or gold, or at least some darn good poetry.

Parachute: The Poetry Blog is maintained by the editor of The Kansas City Star, John Mark Eberhart.  The poetry is good, award winning good in several cases.

And then there is Mr. Eberhart's poetry:  He has two book in print that you can order either through his site or amazon.com. {Broken Time is currently out of stock on amazon.com}  I read the excerpts from Night Watch and Broken Time.  Then followed his links to amazon.com where I had a look inside Night Watch  which promptly ended up on my shopping list.  When it arrives I promise to give you a review.

I'll be digging into Google again soon, looking for treasure for you, but mostly for me.


Anonymous said...

My brother lost a three year battle with cancer on March 19 of 2013. Thanks to you so very much for your kind words, and your support of his work as a poet and writer. Bless you.

Ken Eberhart

Mikel said...

I'm sorry to hear that.

I'm grateful for his legacy, and sorry to hear it has been cut short. My best wishes to his family and friends.