Apr 12, 2008

A Couple Changes to the Blog

I've changed the book store from Zlio to Amazon.  While the Zlio store was fun to play with and had more options the choice of books was just too limited.  Most books were also cheaper on Amazon.

After I got bored just posting my own poems, such as they were, I decided to browse the web and see what tidbits I could dig up for my readers, few as they are.  It soon became obvious that if I was going to keep all the good links I'd have more sidebar than blog.  Luckily I already had a solution at hand.

When I started the blog I also started using the program NoteBook by Circus Ponies Software.  It's a great tool for gathering and keeping information organized. I use it to keep notes when I'm browsing the web looking for poetry sites.  Lucky for me it will export to HTML.

So with a little reorganizing I've made my poetry site notes available to you. You'll find them in the sidebar under My NoteBook Pages.

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