Mar 29, 2008

A. R. Ammons

For someone who claims to love poetry I'm a bit lacking in my knowledge of modern poets, and I've decided I have to do something about that. That's a good thing for you.

When my internet or library browsing comes across a poet I find interesting I'll be posting what I find out here. And the first poet to catch my interest:

A. R. Ammons.

Archie Randolph Ammons was born February 18, 1926, and that's all I'll write about his biography. After all I'd only be retyping what I read on and Wikipedia.

What is important is his poetry, and from what I can find online, I like it and have added him to my short list of books to buy; 'The Selected Poems: Expanded Edition (1986)" if I can find it.

Here are few links to his poetry: Let me know what you think. And if you already have a favorite poem or book by A. R. Ammons, let me know about that too.

Storm, Elegy for a Jet Pilot, Utensil, and Runoff {Cornell College of Arts and Sciences}

17 More Poems by A.R. Ammons {McGill H. Bryant}

My favorites so far: 'Identity' and 'Runoff.'

If you read nothing else, read 'Their Sex Life'. It won't take long.

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