May 9, 2008

back thought

I rest, 
back to the up
eyes to the down
mind to the deep
black ground

around, around,
I came, but never the same
step took twice,
never a sane
interest found
in rest

More filler, I know. I'm busy reading poetry books and preparing for a potential new job. Another article soon, I promise.


Melissa Donovan said...

Mikel, I really love the first stanza, and the first line of the second stanza ties in really nicely. Just how I like a poem - short and sweet. Well, it doesn't have to be sweet but so the saying goes...

Melissa Donovan at Writing Forward

Mikel said...

Thank you, Melissa.

I won't claim I did a great job on subject or imagery, but I was pleased with the sounds. I'll probably tweak it some more and see if I can get a more specific image.