Apr 20, 2008

The sin of poetry about poetry continues.

Yes, more filler while I work on part two of how to become a better poet.

What the Heck am I Doing Here?

Getting your attention,

disbelief in suspension

I make a little vanity call

on insanity's door.  It's all

an arrogant invention.

Sliding verbs and nouns around

making a beat of consonant sound.

The idea doesn't matter. I'm lazy,

and if it's good don't care if it's crazy.

Language is a playground.

Won't make no excuses, works is works,

don't help calling the readers jerks.

The goal, just make it better, period.

Change the comma or letter. No id

permitted where attention lurks.

Why do I write poetry?

What's a poem but a sophistry

of language turned art.

I had to make a punning start

at the philosophy of poetry.

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